September 13, 2015

About Us

Corporate Profile

The American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers is a non-profit corporation established in 1976. Its membership is comprised of American Indian architecture, engineering, and design professionals through out the United States of America.

Purpose of AICAE

  1. Advance the role of American Indian professional engineers, architects and design professionals in practice and to advance their professional skills.
  2. Promote recognition of member’s professional excellence, service, projects and contributions.
  3. Encourage American Indians to pursue careers as professional engineers, architects, and design professionals.
  4. Consolidate the expertise of members into a single focus for representation on a national level.

AICAE members represent numerous and varied professionals including:

Landscape Architects
Cost Estimators
Project Managers
Interior Designers
Structural Engineers
Civil Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Facility Managers
Mechanical Engineers
Land Surveyors
Construction Managers
Equipment Planners
CADD Technicians

Typical Project Types and Services provided by AICAE members include:

Law Enforcement
Utility Systems
Educational Facilities
Health Care Facilities
Museum/Cultural Centers
Botanical Gardens
Interpretive Centers
Hotels and Resorts
Restaurant/Kitchen Design
Gaming Facilities
Bridge Design
Residential Projects
Commercial Facilities
Industrial Facilities
Transportation Planning
Water & Wastewater Systems
Flood Control
Irrigation Systems
Master Planning
Need Assessments
Land Use Planning
Project Management
Feasibility Studies
Architectural Design
Cost Estimating
Construction Management
Equipment Planning
Interior Design
Environmental Services
Energy Management
Construction Surveying