History of The American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers

All active AICAE members are listed below. Membership types vary and include Voting (Full) Membership for Indigenous Individual Memberships and Indigenous-Owned Corporate Memberships. Non-Voting (Associate) Memberships include Non-Indigenous allies such as Corporations/Organizations, Government Agencies, Non-Indigenous Individuals and Students. Simply click on a name to access each member profiles.




AICAE Individual Full Member

Three Affiliated Tribes Construction Management

Title: Project Manager

Email: marita.abe@gmail.com
Website: www.mhanation.com

Tribe: Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation

Area of work: Construction Management

AICAE Board of Directors

Email: marissa.ahern@colorado.edu

AICAE Member

Ascot Group

Tribe: Cherokee and Delaware

Area of work: Interior Design and Architecture

Phone: (702) 957-7544

Email: crayrflynn@gmail.com

Website: www.ascotgroupllc.com

AICAE Individual Associate Member
Architecture Department Manager
Tribe: Chippewa
Phone: (517) 420-4278
Email: ebeaulieu@dlz.com
Website: www.dlz.com
Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: MI, CO, DC, DE, KY, IL, IN, MD, MO, NC, NE, NJ, OH, TN, WI

AICAE Board of Directors
Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture 
Tribe: Navajo Nation
Phone: (505) 226-2565
Email: tbegay@ids-a.com
Website: http://www.ids-a.com/contact-people/tamarah-begay

AICAE Member
Phone: (608) 628-7970
Email: tessabegay@gmail.com

AICAE Member

Greer Stafford/SJCF Architecture

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (505) 980-0347

Email: blackgoat.g@gmail.com

AICAE Student Associate Member

Yale University

Tribe: Santo Domingo Pueblo

Area of work: Architecture

Phone: (505) 917-3979

Email: charelle.brown@yale.edu

AICAE Member

Arizona State UniversityInstitute Professor (Assoc Professor)

Tribe: Saddle Lake First Nation in Northern Alberta

Phone: (480) 727-2433

Email: wanda.dallacosta@asu.edu

Profile: https://isearch.asu.edu/profile/2816923


AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms

Title: Fox Blocks Commercial Business Dev Manager

Phone: (949) 637-8115
Email: randy@foxblocks.com
Website: www.foxblocks.com

Area of work: Resilient Building Sustainable Building Insulated Concrete Walls
States licensed to perform work: CA


AICAE Individual Full Member

University of Colorado Boulder
Title: Campus Architect, Emeritus, Retired

Phone: (303) 588-3826
Email: billdeno78@gmail.com

Tribal Affiliation: Coeur d’Alene Tribe
States licensed to perform work: CO
Area of work: Architecture



AICAE Individual Full Member

Title: Senior Design Architect

Phone: (405) 651-3637
Email: william.deroin@hdrinc.com

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Area of work: Architecture



AICAE Treasurer

Beverly Diddy Designs, LLC

Tribe: Navajo Nation / Hopi Tribe

Phone: (505) 884-4815

Email: bdinteriors@gmail.com

AICAE Secretary
Individual Full Member

Atkin Olshin Schade Architects
Title: Planner, GIS Specialist
Tribe: Navajo (Diné)/ Hopi Tribe
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Email: murmdiddy@gmail.com

AICAE Member

Johnson Smitthipong & Associates, Inc.

Tribe: Navajo (Diné) Nation

Phone: (520) 547-7904

Email: bdraper@srarchinc.com

Website: http://srarchinc.com/

AICAE Secretary

Encompass Architects, P.C.

Tribe: Oglala Lakota Nation
Tammy is the first Native American Woman licensed Architect in the United States.

Phone: (402) 477-2404

Email: t.eaglebull@encompassarch.com

Website: http://www.encompassarch.com/#welcome


AICAE Member

Grand Traverse Band of Ottowa and Chippewa Indians – EDC 

Phone: (231) 534-8410

Email: steveferinga@gtbindians.com

Website: https://iltf.org

AICAE Individual Associate Member (non-tribal)

Fithian Architecture/OU College of Architecture
Associate Professor/Architect

Phone: (405) 606-5905

Email: leefithian@ou.edu

Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: OK



AICAE Student Associate Member

Yale University

Tribes: Santa Ana Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache Nation

Area of work: Architecture

Email: anjelica.gallegos@yale.edu

AICAE Individual Full Member

GSBS Architects
Title: Principal, Landscape Architect
Tribe: Catawba
States licensed to perform work: CA, UT, CLARB Certified
Area of work: Landscape Architecture, Planning

Email: dgarce@gsbsarchitects.com
Phone: (801) 521-8600
Website: www.gsbsarchitects.com

AICAE Member

Indian Land Tenure Foundation
Corporate Relations Officer

Phone: (651) 766-8999

Email: dgarelick@iltf.org

Website: https://iltf.org

AICAE Member

Northern Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

Phone: (218) 444-4860

Website: http://www.neciusa.com



AICAE Corporate Full Member

7 Directions Architects & Planners
Title: Principal
Tribe: Crow Tribe of Montana
States licensed to perform work: WA, MT
Area of work: Architecture & Planning

Email: dglenn@7directionsarchitects.com
Phone: (206) 419-8311
Website: 7directionsarchitects.com



AICAE Corporate Full Member

Ray Gosselin Architect Ltd.
Title: President/Principal
Tribe: Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation
States licensed to perform work (Canada): SAA, MAA
Area of work: Architecture

Email: ray@rgal.ca
Phone: (306) 522-3720
Website: www.rgal.ca

AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

Atelier for Architecture

States licensed to perform work: Belgium
Area of work: Architecture

Email: hanschristian.karlberg@gmail.com
Phone: (621) 501-0876
Website: www.atelierforarchitecture.com



AICAE Individual Associate Member 


Architectural Designer

Area of work: Architecture, Planning

Tribal Affiliation: Navajo

Email: rharvey@swabackpartners.com
Phone: (480) 367-2100
Website: www.swaback.com

AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

EXP U.S. Services Inc.
Title: Principal
Phone: (414) 221-0088
Email: matt.hopf@exp.com
Website: www.exp.com

Tribal Experience: We have had the opportunity to work with many tribes throughout the past 15+ years.

States licensed to perform work: Depending on the work, all 50 states

Area of work: MEP/FP Engineering, Lighting Design, Low Voltage Design, Commissioning & Sustainability Consulting


AICAE Member

Phone: (928) 286-7577

Email: cpjohns@email.arizona.edu

Jones & Jones Architecture and Landscape Architecture 

Tribe: Cherokee, Choctaw

Phone: (206) 624-5702

Email: jpjones@jonesandjones.com

Website: http://www.jonesandjones.com

AICAE Member

Principal, Environmental Engineer

Tribe: Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma

Phone: (501) 975-8100

Email: sjorgensen@ecci.com

Website: http://www.ecci.com/index.php


AICAE Member

Fourth World Design Group, LLC.
President and Planner

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (480) 209-7892

Email: kkanuho@fourthworlddg.com

Website: http://www.fourthworlddg.com

AICAE Corporate Full Member

Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc
Title: President

Email: lillie@bsi.studio
Phone: (918) 359-5640
Website: www.bsi.studio

Tribe: Cherokee Nation

Area of work: Interior Design

AICAE Corporate Member

MASS Design Group
Title: Design Director

Email: jkunkel@mass-group.org
Phone: (505) 634-9200
Website: massdesigngroup.org

Tribe: Northern Cheyenne

Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture

States licensed to work: NM, MT, NY, MA

AICAE Member

Terraform Development
Principal, Structural Engineer

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (928) 864-5022

Email: stanfordlake@terra4orm.com

Website: http://www.terra4orm.com

AICAE President

First American Design Studio /DSGW Architects
Title: President
Tribe: Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, located in North Central North Dakota
States licensed to perform work: MN, ND, WI, IA, SD, MT, FL, WA
Area of work: Architecture, Planning

Email: mike@firstamericandesignstudio.com
Phone: (651) 252-1217
Website: http://www.firstamericandesignstudio.com



AICAE Individual Full Member (Board Member)

Smith Group
Title: Architect
Email: regal.leftwich@gmail.com
Phone: (202) 974-0765
Website: smithgroup.com

Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw
States licensed to perform work: VA
Area of work: Architecture, Laboratory Planning


AICAE Corporate Member

MASS Design Group

Email: jkunkel@mass-group.org
Phone: (505) 634-9200
Website: massdesigngroup.org

Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture

AICAE Individual Full Member

Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Title: CEO

Email: michelle@taylorsyfan.com
Phone: (805) 547-2000 x 116

Website: www.taylorsyfan.com

Tribe: Hoopa Valley Tribe

Area of work: Structural Engineering

States licensed to perform work: CA, NV, MT, CT, CO, UT, PA, MO, MA, RI, MS, VT, OH, KS, SC, ME


AICAE Individual Associate Member

Title: Architectural Designer and Urban Planner

Email: monroemarcy@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 310-2108

Tribe: Sault Ste Marie Chippewa

Area of work: Architecture and Planning

AICAE Corporate Full Member

Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc
Title: Principal Architect | Community Builder
Email: scottmm@bsi.studio
Phone: (918) 359-5641
Website: www.bsi.studio

Tribal affiliation: Mestizo / Chicano from the territories now known as Mexico and New Mexico
States licensed to perform work: KS, OK, NM, NE, SD
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Development

AICAE Individual Member

1 Walton Street
Oxford OX1 2HD
United Kingdom

Email: christian.nakarado@outlook.com 

AICAE Vice-President

Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Phone: (612) 379 -3400

Email: solbekson@cuningham.com

Website: http://www.cuningham.com/people/samuel-olbekson-associate-aia/

AICAE Ex-Efficio Board of Directors

MOA Architecture
Principal Emeritus

Tribe: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Phone: (307) 268-9890

Email: routland@moaarch.com

Website: http://moaarch.com

AICAE Member

Iowa State University
University Professor, Architecture

Phone: (515) 294-4026

Email: lpaxson@iastate.edu

Website: http://www.design.iastate.edu/faculty/lpaxson/

AICAE Corporate Associate Member

The PENTA Building Group

Title: Marketing Manager

Phone: (702) 614-1678

Email: lphillips@pentabldggroup.com

Website: www.pentabldggroup.com

Area or work: Construction

AICAE Member

Edo Building Systems LLC

Phone: (913) 669-6779

Email: j.i.redcorn@gmail.com

AICAE Individual Full Member

Health Facilities Group, LLC

Email: andrewr@hfgarchitecture.com

Website: www.hfgarchitecture.com

Tribe: Prairie Band Potawatomi

Area of work: Architecture

States licensed to perform work: KS

AICAE Member

D. Sloan Architects, PC

Tribe: Certified Indian-OwnedEnterprise

Phone: (505) 268-4313

Email: dsloanarch@qwestoffice.net

Website: http://dsloanarchitects.com

AICAE Individual Full Member (non-tribal)

Walter Street Architecture

Phone: (773) 383-4205

Email: streetarch3@att.net

Areas of work: Architecture, planning, interior design, research

States licensed to perform work: IL

AICAE Individual Full Member

Yale University
Architecture PhD Student

Tribe: Lumbee

Area of Work: Architecture

Phone: (806) 445-3088

Email: summer.sutton@yale.edu

Website: www.SummerSutton.com

AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)


Area of work: Architecture + Planning

Contact Name: Rhonda Harvey
Title: Associate
Email: rharvey@swaback.com

Phone: (480) 367-2100

Website: www.swaback.com/

Robert Tarbell, AIA, NCIDQ
AICAE Board of Directors
Leuterio Thomas, LLC 
Associate Principal
Tribe: Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne
Phone: (617) 784-4048
Email: robtarbell@gmail.com
Website: www.leuteriothomas.com
Area if Work: Architecture and Interior Design

States licensed to perform work: DC, VA, MD, & NY

AICAE Member

HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Senior Associate

Phone: (866) -205-9668

Email: melvintoddy14@gmail.com

Website: https://hga.com

AICAE Member

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

Phone: (907) 729-3570

Email: hwvinberg@anthc.org

Website: https://anthc.org/who-we-are/board-of-directors

AICAE Individual Associate Member

Alaska State Defense Force

Email: mdwatson19@gmail.com

Tribe: Navajo

Area of work: Architecture/Engineering

AICAE Member

Design Group
Marketing Coordinator/ Community Relations

Phone: (502) 998-6437

Email: vwhitehorse@designgroupnm.com

Website: http://www.designgroupnm.com

AICAE Student Associate Member

UNC Charlotte

Email: swoods19@uncc.edu

Tribe: Lumbee

Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: NC

AICAE Individual Full Member

MASS Design Group
Title: Senior Designer
Tribes: Navajo (Diné)/ Jemez Pueblo (Towa)
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Email: gyepa@mass-group.org
Phone: (505) 634-9200
Website: massdesigngroup.org