History of The American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers

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AICAE Individual Full Member

Three Affiliated Tribes Construction Management

Title: Project Manager

Email: marita.abe@gmail.com
Website: www.mhanation.com

Tribe: Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation

Area of work: Construction Management

AICAE Board of Directors

Email: marissa.ahern@colorado.edu

AICAE Member

Ascot Group

Tribe: Cherokee and Delaware

Area of work: Interior Design and Architecture

Phone: (702) 957-7544

Email: crayrflynn@gmail.com

Website: www.ascotgroupllc.com

AICAE Individual Associate Member
Architecture Department Manager
Tribe: Chippewa
Phone: (517) 420-4278
Email: ebeaulieu@dlz.com
Website: www.dlz.com
Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: MI, CO, DC, DE, KY, IL, IN, MD, MO, NC, NE, NJ, OH, TN, WI

AICAE Board of Directors
Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture 
Tribe: Navajo Nation
Phone: (505) 226-2565
Email: tbegay@ids-a.com
Website: http://www.ids-a.com/contact-people/tamarah-begay

AICAE Member
Phone: (608) 628-7970
Email: tessabegay@gmail.com

AICAE Member

Greer Stafford/SJCF Architecture

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (505) 980-0347

Email: blackgoat.g@gmail.com

AICAE Student Associate Member

Yale University

Tribe: Santo Domingo Pueblo

Area of work: Architecture

Phone: (505) 917-3979

Email: charelle.brown@yale.edu

AICAE Member

Arizona State UniversityInstitute Professor (Assoc Professor)

Tribe: Saddle Lake First Nation in Northern Alberta

Phone: (480) 727-2433

Email: wanda.dallacosta@asu.edu

Profile: https://isearch.asu.edu/profile/2816923


AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms

Title: Fox Blocks Commercial Business Dev Manager

Phone: (949) 637-8115
Email: randy@foxblocks.com
Website: www.foxblocks.com

Area of work: Resilient Building Sustainable Building Insulated Concrete Walls
States licensed to perform work: CA


AICAE Individual Full Member

University of Colorado Boulder
Title: Campus Architect, Emeritus, Retired

Phone: (303) 588-3826
Email: billdeno78@gmail.com

Tribal Affiliation: Coeur d’Alene Tribe
States licensed to perform work: CO
Area of work: Architecture



AICAE Individual Full Member

Title: Senior Design Architect

Phone: (405) 651-3637
Email: william.deroin@hdrinc.com

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Area of work: Architecture



AICAE Treasurer

Beverly Diddy Designs, LLC

Tribe: Navajo Nation / Hopi Tribe

Phone: (505) 884-4815

Email: bdinteriors@gmail.com

AICAE Secretary
Individual Full Member

Atkin Olshin Schade Architects
Title: Planner, GIS Specialist
Tribe: Navajo (Diné)/ Hopi Tribe
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Email: murmdiddy@gmail.com

AICAE Member

Johnson Smitthipong & Associates, Inc.

Tribe: Navajo (Diné) Nation

Phone: (520) 547-7904

Email: bdraper@srarchinc.com

Website: http://srarchinc.com/

AICAE Secretary

Encompass Architects, P.C.

Tribe: Oglala Lakota Nation
Tammy is the first Native American Woman licensed Architect in the United States.

Phone: (402) 477-2404

Email: t.eaglebull@encompassarch.com

Website: http://www.encompassarch.com/#welcome


AICAE Member

Grand Traverse Band of Ottowa and Chippewa Indians – EDC 

Phone: (231) 534-8410

Email: steveferinga@gtbindians.com

Website: https://iltf.org

AICAE Individual Associate Member (non-tribal)

Fithian Architecture/OU College of Architecture
Associate Professor/Architect

Phone: (405) 606-5905

Email: leefithian@ou.edu

Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: OK



AICAE Student Associate Member

Yale University

Tribes: Santa Ana Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache Nation

Area of work: Architecture

Email: anjelica.gallegos@yale.edu

AICAE Individual Full Member

GSBS Architects
Title: Principal, Landscape Architect
Tribe: Catawba
States licensed to perform work: CA, UT, CLARB Certified
Area of work: Landscape Architecture, Planning

Email: dgarce@gsbsarchitects.com
Phone: (801) 521-8600
Website: www.gsbsarchitects.com

AICAE Member

Indian Land Tenure Foundation
Corporate Relations Officer

Phone: (651) 766-8999

Email: dgarelick@iltf.org

Website: https://iltf.org

AICAE Member

Northern Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

Phone: (218) 444-4860

Website: http://www.neciusa.com



AICAE Corporate Full Member

7 Directions Architects & Planners
Title: Principal
Tribe: Crow Tribe of Montana
States licensed to perform work: WA, MT
Area of work: Architecture & Planning

Email: dglenn@7directionsarchitects.com
Phone: (206) 419-8311
Website: 7directionsarchitects.com



AICAE Corporate Full Member

Ray Gosselin Architect Ltd.
Title: President/Principal
Tribe: Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation
States licensed to perform work (Canada): SAA, MAA
Area of work: Architecture

Email: ray@rgal.ca
Phone: (306) 522-3720
Website: www.rgal.ca

AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

Atelier for Architecture

States licensed to perform work: Belgium
Area of work: Architecture

Email: hanschristian.karlberg@gmail.com
Phone: (621) 501-0876
Website: www.atelierforarchitecture.com



AICAE Corporate Associate Member (non-tribal)

EXP U.S. Services Inc.
Title: Principal
Phone: (414) 221-0088
Email: matt.hopf@exp.com
Website: www.exp.com

Tribal Experience: We have had the opportunity to work with many tribes throughout the past 15+ years.

States licensed to perform work: Depending on the work, all 50 states

Area of work: MEP/FP Engineering, Lighting Design, Low Voltage Design, Commissioning & Sustainability Consulting


AICAE Member

Phone: (928) 286-7577

Email: cpjohns@email.arizona.edu

Jones & Jones Architecture and Landscape Architecture 

Tribe: Cherokee, Choctaw

Phone: (206) 624-5702

Email: jpjones@jonesandjones.com

Website: http://www.jonesandjones.com

AICAE Member

Principal, Environmental Engineer

Tribe: Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma

Phone: (501) 975-8100

Email: sjorgensen@ecci.com

Website: http://www.ecci.com/index.php


AICAE Member

Fourth World Design Group, LLC.
President and Planner

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (480) 209-7892

Email: kkanuho@fourthworlddg.com

Website: http://www.fourthworlddg.com

AICAE Corporate Full Member

Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc
Title: President

Email: lillie@bsi.studio
Phone: (918) 359-5640
Website: www.bsi.studio

Tribe: Cherokee Nation

Area of work: Interior Design

AICAE Member

Terraform Development
Principal, Structural Engineer

Tribe: Navajo Nation

Phone: (928) 864-5022

Email: stanfordlake@terra4orm.com

Website: http://www.terra4orm.com

AICAE President

First American Design Studio /DSGW Architects
Title: President
Tribe: Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, located in North Central North Dakota
States licensed to perform work: MN, ND, WI, IA, SD, MT, FL, WA
Area of work: Architecture, Planning

Email: mike@firstamericandesignstudio.com
Phone: (651) 252-1217
Website: http://www.firstamericandesignstudio.com



AICAE Individual Full Member (Board Member)

Smith Group
Title: Architect
Email: regal.leftwich@gmail.com
Phone: (202) 974-0765
Website: smithgroup.com

Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw
States licensed to perform work: VA
Area of work: Architecture, Laboratory Planning


AICAE Individual Full Member

Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Title: CEO

Email: michelle@taylorsyfan.com
Phone: (805) 547-2000 x 116

Website: www.taylorsyfan.com

Tribe: Hoopa Valley Tribe

Area of work: Structural Engineering

States licensed to perform work: CA, NV, MT, CT, CO, UT, PA, MO, MA, RI, MS, VT, OH, KS, SC, ME


AICAE Individual Associate Member

Title: Architectural Designer and Urban Planner

Email: monroemarcy@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 310-2108

Tribe: Sault Ste Marie Chippewa

Area of work: Architecture and Planning

AICAE Corporate Full Member

Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc
Title: Principal Architect | Community Builder
Email: scottmm@bsi.studio
Phone: (918) 359-5641
Website: www.bsi.studio

Tribal affiliation: Mestizo / Chicano from the territories now known as Mexico and New Mexico
States licensed to perform work: KS, OK, NM, NE, SD
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Development

AICAE Individual Member

1 Walton Street
Oxford OX1 2HD
United Kingdom

Email: christian.nakarado@outlook.com 

AICAE Vice-President

Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Phone: (612) 379 -3400

Email: solbekson@cuningham.com

Website: http://www.cuningham.com/people/samuel-olbekson-associate-aia/

AICAE Ex-Efficio Board of Directors

MOA Architecture
Principal Emeritus

Tribe: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Phone: (307) 268-9890

Email: routland@moaarch.com

Website: http://moaarch.com

AICAE Member

Iowa State University
University Professor, Architecture

Phone: (515) 294-4026

Email: lpaxson@iastate.edu

Website: http://www.design.iastate.edu/faculty/lpaxson/

AICAE Corporate Associate Member

The PENTA Building Group

Title: Marketing Manager

Phone: (702) 614-1678

Email: lphillips@pentabldggroup.com

Website: www.pentabldggroup.com

Area or work: Construction

AICAE Member

Edo Building Systems LLC

Phone: (913) 669-6779

Email: j.i.redcorn@gmail.com

AICAE Individual Full Member

Health Facilities Group, LLC

Email: andrewr@hfgarchitecture.com

Website: www.hfgarchitecture.com

Tribe: Prairie Band Potawatomi

Area of work: Architecture

States licensed to perform work: KS

AICAE Member

D. Sloan Architects, PC

Tribe: Certified Indian-OwnedEnterprise

Phone: (505) 268-4313

Email: dsloanarch@qwestoffice.net

Website: http://dsloanarchitects.com

AICAE Individual Full Member (non-tribal)

Walter Street Architecture

Phone: (773) 383-4205

Email: streetarch3@att.net

Areas of work: Architecture, planning, interior design, research

States licensed to perform work: IL

AICAE Individual Full Member

Yale University
Architecture PhD Student

Tribe: Lumbee

Area of Work: Architecture

Phone: (806) 445-3088

Email: summer.sutton@yale.edu

Website: www.SummerSutton.com

Robert Tarbell, AIA, NCIDQ
AICAE Board of Directors
Leuterio Thomas, LLC 
Associate Principal
Tribe: Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne
Phone: (617) 784-4048
Email: robtarbell@gmail.com
Website: www.leuteriothomas.com
Area if Work: Architecture and Interior Design

States licensed to perform work: DC, VA, MD, & NY

AICAE Member

HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Senior Associate

Phone: (866) -205-9668

Email: melvintoddy14@gmail.com

Website: https://hga.com

AICAE Member

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

Phone: (907) 729-3570

Email: hwvinberg@anthc.org

Website: https://anthc.org/who-we-are/board-of-directors

AICAE Individual Associate Member

Alaska State Defense Force

Email: mdwatson19@gmail.com

Tribe: Navajo

Area of work: Architecture/Engineering

AICAE Member

Design Group
Marketing Coordinator/ Community Relations

Phone: (502) 998-6437

Email: vwhitehorse@designgroupnm.com

Website: http://www.designgroupnm.com

AICAE Student Associate Member

UNC Charlotte

Email: swoods19@uncc.edu

Tribe: Lumbee

Area of work: Architecture
States licensed to perform work: NC

AICAE Board of Directors
Individual Full Member

Atkin Olshin Shade Architects
Title: Project Designer
Tribes: Navajo (Diné)/ Jemez Pueblo (Towa)
Area of work: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Email: gyepa@aosarchitects.com
Phone: (505) 982-2133
Website: http://www.aosarchitects.com